Parental time investment in homework

Homework photo by peapodsquadmom on Flickr.

How involved are parents in their children’s homework? It depends on the age of the child and the family’s own attitudes. Grandparents of today’s school-age children were often minimally involved in their child’s homework. Those children, today’s parents of school-age children, are often shocked by the amount of time they are required to spend getting their children to understand and/or complete their homework each evening. In this 2-minute chapter of the Video podcast series, two Houston women share their family’s homework habits. The first mom has elementary-age children and the second mother has teenagers.


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Work: IT Technical Communications Manager. Alma Mater: SHSU, go kats! Hometown: Galena Park. Current class: COMM 300. Married, 2 teens
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One Response to Parental time investment in homework

  1. Alison Godbe says:

    My parents rarely helped with homework throughout my life and I feel like it ultimately helped me in the long run because it made me self-sufficient and independent. It’s funny being in college and some of my friends still call their parents to have them edit papers or to help them with homework! If homework is requiring too much of parents time then the homework is obviously too challenging for the kids and needs to be modified.

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