1910 is good enough

Testing madness can catch parents unawares and very early in their student’s school years.  Denise Pope, a Stanford University professor and co-founder of Challenge Success, advocates for helping students achieve success without the current pressures of long homework hours and our frenzied test-score focus.

1910 is good enough

Yesterday, Nala texted me the first SAT scores.  In a new initiative, all HISD juniors were encouraged to take the SAT in class on Wednesday, April 13, for free (HISD paid the fee).  From a parent’s point of view, taking the SAT for free in the spring of junior year is a great way to find out what a student needs to focus on over the summer, before they take the SATs that really count in their senior year.

Nala’s overall score was 1910 out of 2400 and I admit I was not leaping for joy.   Over the course of multiple texts, I was already planning our strategy for boosting SAT scores with summer study sessions.

Then I sat down in my seat for Race to Nowhere and realized I was caught in the throes of testing madnessMy name is Carlyn Chatfield and I am a test-aholic.   So I texted my child only five minutes into movie ,  “No need to take the SAT again.  Move on, enjoy your summer and senior year.” Whatever college Nala finds as a best match, it won’t be one where test scores drive evaluations.


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Work: IT Technical Communications Manager. Alma Mater: SHSU, go kats! Hometown: Galena Park. Current class: COMM 300. Married, 2 teens
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