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Test Less

If your student easily passed his or her TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills)  tests last spring, shouldn’t s/he be eligible to skip the same TAKS tests this year? Today’s Off the Kuff blog posting describes an exciting proposal … Continue reading

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Street corner punishment for low grades

Black and Married with Kids (BMWK) has some very good articles about parenting, but when I saw the title of a post about a mom making her kid stand on the street corner as punishment for bad grades, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Learn to take risks, even if you quit later

Long before I considered “the Amy Chua question: are we raising quitters,” the parenting regret that I gnawed on most was not making my children stick to something for a very long time. I wish my kids had found their … Continue reading

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Love languages

Most people communicate in the manner they want others to use with them.  Love, in particular, has five different “languages,” according to Dr. Gary Chapman. Learning which of the five love languages applies to your child can be helpful in … Continue reading

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Is college worth it?

Thanks to several people who commented that college isn’t for everyone in an earlier posting. I had hoped to point out a connection between higher education and higher income, but that may not actually be the case. College can lead … Continue reading

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Culture, college and income

Why don’t all parents make education a top priority?  Is it related to culture or economics? Asian Americans earn more income than non-Asians and more Asians Americans over the age of 25 have college degrees than any other race or … Continue reading

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Teaching kids to test better starts early

“What does ‘headless’ mean?” When I started answering toddler questions (usually while driving), I was not thinking about enabling our children to take tests in school. It was our children who made the connection years later when we were wondering … Continue reading

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