Blog Rules

This blog was created to meet a class requirement, but because the topic is “parenting, education and cultures in Houston, Texas,” some of the blog posts may include references to my immediate family members.  During a birthday dinner to celebrate our youngest member’s 17th birthday, we discussed what might and might not be appropriate for “Mom’s blog.”

BuffaloBayouMom’s Blog Posting Rules

  1. No names.  Okay, one name.  My blog has to be identifiable so my instructor and classmates can find it, read it, and comment on it.  My name can be published.  My spouse didn’t have a strong opinion regarding anonymity.  Plus, we find it amusing that several people have the same name, so you still won’t know which Mark Chatfield is mentioned in this blog. On the other hand, the two teens definitely prefer to keep their privacy and they chose their own aliases: Thing One and Nala.
  2. Don’t blow rule one by writing details that reveal Thing One’s and Nala’s identities.
  3. Any post or comment that references the family has to be proof-read and approved by the family.

BuffaloBayouMom’s Comment Rule

  1. Show respect for other people’s ideas and experiences; comments that ridicule or criticize another person or culture will be deleted.

5 Responses to Blog Rules

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  3. ricefixie says:

    I like the aliases that your children chose. They weren’t afraid that the names they chose as their aliases might reveal something about their identities? Just wondering.

    • They aren’t too worried about the Dr. Seuss reference for Thing One or the Disney reference for Nala. Both are popular characters loved by thousands of people and there are even Tshirts for both characters, not that we have any. Neither of our teens has ever used either nickname before and I don’t think they mentioned it on their Facebook pages, so their identities are probably safe for now. :-).

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