Rainy days ahead for education

Rain down on window image courtesy of pennacook through the Creative Commons

Larger class sizes, fewer students prepared for or attending college, salary reductions, and teacher layoffs are all aspects of the 2011-2012 educational budget deficit. The forecast for education is particularly gloomy these days. The final chapter in a Video podcast series, this 4.5-minute podcast features three parents describing the repercussions of budget cuts, should the Texas House and Senate not find a way to fund education at its current levels.

  • 0-1:44 Kay talks about lost planning opportunities for teachers, who – like her – want their class to be their students’ best class
  • 1:50-2:49 Vincent encourages use of the rainy day fund for our children, who are our future
  • 2:56-4:39 Donna points out that lost educational opportunities affect far more than the future economy

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